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 A little about me- Smiley
I'm inspired by that feeling. That joy you feel in your heart when you see the happiness in a loved one’s eye, when looking at memories within photos. I enjoy flicking through old family photo albums, whilst going back to a happy time in the past. This is the very reason why I love capturing today's memories which will be cherished forever. 

Though photography began initially as a creative hobby for me, it soon became a story telling tool. Before it became a career, my nieces then small, were a big part of my life. I wanted to document their lives, I absolutely loved being an aunty and watching them grow whilst capturing the magic in everyday moments was a joy. I also worked closely with small children as an Early Years Educator in a variety of educational settings; nurturing and educating those little people through everyday life was fantastic. The bonds I have made with the children I have taught and their families will be cherished forever. 

Since starting Smiley Huseyin Photography, I have photographed a number of babies and children from all over London and it gives me great pleasure to see the glimmer in a parent’s eye whilst looking at their child’s photo.  
Capturing the smiles within your family will be an honour.  

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